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Coventry University’s Digital Health research team have launched eNgage, a platform for researchers to promote, recruit and run their digital research projects.

The Challenge for eNgage

Designed and implemented by Maldaba in close collaboration with Coventry research staff, the first project to use eNgage is MyWay, a research project looking at ways to help people stop smoking. That project uses eNgage’s randomisation facility to split participants between the control and intervention arms.

eNgage screenshot

eNgage integrates with key 3rd party facilities, to manage inclusion criteria provided by questionnaire software Qualtrics, and to track user behaviour using Coventry’s self-hosted analytics solution, Matomo.

eNgage enables researchers to publish and promote their research projects, lets visitors learn about them and choose to participate in the research.

eNgage screenshot

Research data (from different sources) is collated on eNgage and provided to researchers to download and analyse in standard statistics packages. Benefiting from Maldaba’s customary intuitive interfaces, eNgage users need minimal training for researchers to get started.

eNgage lets users create and manage their user accounts to track projects over time. The software and data both sit on Coventry University’s servers, using the same security as the rest of the university’s IT.

Katie Newby

Maldaba have 100% delivered on the eNgage project. We appointed them following a tender competition; it was clear that they understood the research process and quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve. At the same time they didn’t over-promise, showing enthusiasm for the project but also pointing out potential obstacles. We liked this approach; it made us feel that we were in safe hands. Our experience of working with them then confirmed this. It is clear that Maldaba value their client relationships. We are delighted with the end product which has transformed the way we are approaching research at Coventry University.

Dr Katie Newby, Associate Professor, Coventry University

In-keeping with Maldaba’s ethos and approach, the project was a close collaboration between Maldaba and university researchers, consisting of workshops, frequent comms using our online project management platform and regular, iterative testing and feedback. The result is an innovative, fresh-looking platform that carries the gravitas needed for a serious research institution, and appeals to researchers and the general public (participants) alike.