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Homerton Health Visiting

Innovative website and app co-development for Health Visiting services in North and East London.

The challenge for Homerton University Hospital

Staff at Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (HUH) needed a change. Their old website was too small, out-of-date, un-engaging, and difficult to manage. Staff relied on paper for sharing information, which also could be out-of-date too easily. The information provided was not always what the young families in London told staff they wanted.

Homerton were not just looking for a company that could deliver on tech, but also one that would engage with the diverse range of families, backgrounds and languages in their locality. Following a competitive tender process, Maldaba was selected as the co-development and delivery partner.

We ran a workshop with local parents, spoke to staff, and ran surveys to define the different needs in the area. A number of requirements quickly presented themselves:

  • An app to access information quickly on phones, and that could identify geographically-close services
  • Data-light methods for stay up-to-date as many families had small data allowances
  • An end for staff using paper to disseminate information
  • Helping parents to understand what they could expect, and when
  • Compliant with HUH’s technical infrastructure, including Microsoft-based phones for staff

Effi Stergiopoulou photo

Maldaba exceeded our expectations for our project and helped us create a website and app that has really helped our clients and staff access streamlined information where and when they need it. The team placed great importance on consulting parents and staff to ensure the website and app would meet their needs, and were very accommodating and supportive throughout the whole project. Maldaba’s continued support following the project has been very useful to further fine-tune our website; they also provide us with analytics which help us understand how our website and app are used.
Because Maldaba understand technology and have experience of working with the health sector they were able to offer the best solution for our service. The team always took the time to patiently explain complex technical information, explore the best way of reaching our goals and work through queries and hurdles we encountered along the way in an approachable and constructive manner.

Effi Stergiopoulou, Web Project Lead, Health Visiting Service, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Using HUH’s branding, we produced a friendly, clean, modern design. To deliver the solution:

  • Architected a website using WordPress, that lets the client easily update content themselves
  • Used Cordova to convert the website into an app for Android, iOS and Microsoft
  • Produced a fun graphic timeline to let visitors easily see what to expect from HUH, and when
  • Provided a Prevailing Themes motif that lets the client put front-and-centre urgent information that every parent should know (that is a feature that has come in very handy during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Implemented an innovative content caching approach on the app, so that the app detects website content changes, and only transfers the necessary data. The cached version can be used offline to conserve data.

The website launched at and the apps can be found on their respective app stores.